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AOK Sachsen-Anhalt “Deine Gesundheitswelt”

Developing a health portal for policyholders and generating leads for a highly diverse target audience required an unwavering commitment to a user-centered approach.

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*My role:
Lead UX/UI Designer

Workshops, Concept development, Wireframing, Prototyping, UX/UI Design

iPhones showing screenshots of the AOK Sachsen-Anhalt website

The brief

AOK Sachsen-Anhalt is a regional health insurance provider in Germany, offering comprehensive healthcare services and support to residents of Saxony-Anhalt.

The new website had to cater to its diverse customers, appeal to potential new customers and portray the core brand values while at the same time distinguish itself visually from the AOK Bundesverband, the national association of AOK health insurance funds in Germany.    

The challenge

A very diverse target audience with equally diverse concerns wants to resolve their issues as quickly as possible. At the same time, the portal should serve lead generation and distinguish itself visually from the AOK

The approach


A Design Thinking workshop was a first step to approach the task to develop a website for a health insurance provider. By gathering a large team for this workshop we were able to understand the various users’ needs and to find a common denominator.   

By using paper cut out for modules I was able to quickly prototype our ideas and build relevant content pages. These were used in a workshop with the client to show our process and collect his feedback. This approach facilitated a collaboration within the team and fast iteration to develop the customer journey.

Photos of paper prototypes for website structure

*Refining the content    

Creating low-res wireframes helped us refine the content structure for each page. Through the process we used a strong user-centered approach.

Understanding that customers don’t visit a health insurance website to randomly browse and explore topics but rather have a very clearly formulated need or question in mind, we focused on ways to present information and answers.

Low-res wireframes showing the website structure

In order to create a website for such a diverse target group we needed to be uncompromising in our user-centered approach. Each design decision was based on: Is this what the user needs and wants? Will this improve the usability or is it just unnecessary fluff?

Prototype fow for AOK Sachsen-Anhalt website
Laptop with screenshot of homepage of Deine Gesundheitswelt

The solution

This user centered approach led us to use a question-answer content strcuture to describe services, such as “How much will AOK Sachsen-Anhalt cover?” 

Additionally, I chose design elements to ensure that the layout was not only accessible but that users could quickly comprehend the content. Adopting a mobile-first approach meant that all functions had to be fully operable on mobile devices. I also paid close attention to scroll depth, deliberately omitting purely decorative elements like header images to enhance usability.

Several screenshots of the AOK Sachsen-Anhalt website UI
Overview of breakpoints for modules
Styleguide example for Deine Gesundheitswelt
Mobile screens showing contact options
Mobile screens showing career pages for AOK Sachsen-Anhalt
A female hand holding an iPhone showing a screenshot of the career page of AOK Sachsen-Anhalt

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